A Different Perspective podcast: Hugh Hendry, The Acid Capitalist – The Macro Maze

Hugh Hendry

The Acid Capitalist

This week Nick talks to long time friend of the show, Hugh Hendry the Acid Capitalist.

Hugh Hendry is a prominent investor and hedge fund manager, best known for founding Eclectica Asset Management. Hendry gained considerable attention for his contrarian investment style and outspoken personality. He began his career at Baillie Gifford before moving to Credit Suisse, where he honed his skills in asset management. Hendry’s reputation for making bold, unconventional bets was solidified during the 2008 financial crisis when his fund profited significantly from positions that anticipated the market downturn. His ability to foresee economic shifts and his willingness to take high-stakes risks have marked him as a distinctive figure in the world of finance.

Despite stepping back from active fund management, Hendry remains an influential voice in finance, leveraging his deep understanding of market dynamics and his contrarian mindset to provide a unique perspective on economic developments as the Acid Capitalist.

Hugh guides Nick through a macroeconomic maze, exploring the markets, gold, the Kobayashi Maru test, Dollar/Yen, Euro/Dollar, the Federal Reserve, Japan’s devaluation and yelling at Yelland plus where Hugh invests his money.Fancy a ACID CAPITALIST SUMMER CAMP MACRO RETREAT with Hugh? Click here for details.

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