A Different Perspective podcast: Giles English, Founder of Bremont Watch Company

Giles English

Founder of Bremont Watch Company

Giles and his brother Nick co-founded the Bremont Watch Company in 2002, specialising in the creation of luxury mechanical watches. As one of the select British watch manufacturers,  Bremont was, in 2008, awarded the title of Best British Emerging Luxury Brand. By 2009, Bremont’s reputation for crafting classic aviation-inspired watches propelled them to become the 20th largest chronometer manufacturer globally, reflecting the growing demand for our distinctive designs. Last year Giles and Nick sold a stake to the US hedge fund manager Bill Ackman.

Nick and Giles delve into Giles’ early business ventures, highlighting his passion for flying. They recount Giles’ initial foray into the financial sector, followed by the bold move of reviving a struggling aircraft business alongside his brother, Nick. The brothers’ early involvement in an internet business, which concluded with a successful exit, paved the way for them to establish Bremont. This venture was deeply rooted in their lifelong fascination with clocks, watches, and timepieces, a passion inherited from their father, whose tragic death in an aircraft accident served as a poignant inspiration.

Giles book choice was Gipsy Moth Circles the World by Francis Chichester.

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