Zeus Capital is committed to providing the highest quality research across a wide range of industry sectors. The team’s broad spectrum of knowledge and experience provide it with a first class comprehension of markets, industries and technologies. The understanding derived from research is deployed in all areas of Zeus Capital’s service offering.

Our core aim is to provide the highest quality research with every carefully selected stock we follow.

Our research coverage is selective ranging from microcap up to FTSE 250, and we will only commit resource where we have high levels of conviction and believe we can articulate the equity story effectively. Our approach is built on strong financial analysis as well as a clear grasp of the industry fundamentals and our assessment of management’s ability to execute its strategy in this environment.

As we do not engage in “water-front” coverage and focus solely on our clients, our analysts are in constant contact with companies, key industry players and institutions alike to ensure the key issues are clearly understood.

We thought long and hard about our research model post MIFID II and wanted a clean and compliant model that allows our research to be distributed to any institution. Key features of our model are:

  • All Research provided by Zeus will be ‘sponsored’ by the issuer (ie the Corporate Client) as part of its retainer income. This means that Zeus Research will be exempt as an inducement and can be distributed to all Institutional Shareholders.
  • As a result, Zeus cannot accept any payment from the Buy-Side Institutions for Research.
  • Zeus’s focus is on advising companies and introducing them to a wide and deep Investor base. Ensuring Research can reach all Institutional Investors is a key part of this.
  • Zeus will trade in all UK stocks and will accept payment from the Buy-Side Institutions for this service.

In the post MIFID II world where research coverage becomes scarcer impacting liquidity, we believe a clear voice needs to be heard more than ever. Research only does not just mean a note gets written, with Zeus this is used in conjunction with proven distribution to unlock a wide and deep institutional investor base as well as active engagement with the retail market, a key source of trade flow.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of the Zeus research model in any further detail, please contact

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