Founder & Chief Podcast

Founder & Chief is a Zeus podcast, hosted by Paul McGlone, Head of Business Development.

Zeus is an independent financial services group working across public and private capital markets in the UK.  We work alongside many of the most exciting businesses in the UK and we are passionate about supporting our clients.  This podcast is about the people behind these businesses.

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1. Morten Toft Bech

Meatless Farm
In Episode One, Paul catches up with Morten Toft Bech, Founder of Meatless Farm. Founded in 2016, Meatless Farm is a British company that produces plant-based, tasty meat-alternatives including mince, chicken breast and sausages. Morten’s mission when setting up the company was clear: to protect the environment by creating family-friendly meat-free products which don’t require a change of eating habits. He believes passionately in the environmental impact that Meatless Farm can have.
Morten and Paul discuss the challenges of setting up a business selling fresh produce to supermarkets, scaling the business in a growing industry and who Morten would invite to this dream dinner party.

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Building a business is an adventure, from the very beginning; through the highs and lows, from inflection points to motivation. We get to know the people behind the businesses.

This is Founder and Chief, a Zeus podcast.


Published 6th May 2022

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