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Zeus Capital acts as financial adviser to Fibre 7 on its private fundraise

9th December 2016

Fibre 7 has developed a proprietary process for the manufacture of a modified timber which it has trademarked under the name “Lignia”. Modified timbers are timber species that have been treated by chemicals, heat or other means in order to enhance certain properties, such as density and durability. Lignia is treated with a Phenolic Formaldehyde resin (“PF Resin”) and is a cost-effective substitute for both tropical and temperate hardwood.

Lignia has undergone extensive testing and has been proven by independent experts to have properties similar to high grade tropical hardwoods such as mahogany and teak. Using sustainable softwoods from certified sources as feedstock for the modification process, Lignia is suitable for both interior and exterior applications and displays properties that will allow it to compete in the growing global market for modified timber.